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At DOMA Properties, we understand that moving can be both a foreign and stressful process on your entire family, including your pets. That’s why we want to make sure that you have the necessary resources for a smooth and quick home to home jump. Make the transition as comfortable for your pets as you would want it to be for yourself by following these guidelines.

1. Schedule a checkup with your veterinarian to make sure that all of your animals have the appropriate shots and medical care. Making sure that they are up to date with their records is a very important and necessary step to take before traveling.

2. When it comes to transportation, choose a car or truck where you can easily see and check on the animals yourself throughout the ride. If flying by air, a sturdy but comfortable kennel will be required. Keep in mind that when it comes to flying, it is important to make sure your animals have the proper and updated identification.

3. Make sure you have all the necessary pet equipment in one, easy-to-access area. This includes everything from proper food and water, to medicine, to grooming supplies and leashes.

4. The pet setup should be based on your travel arrangements. If traveling by car, make sure the pets have a separate but comfortable setup in the back of the car. Protect seats with towels or cloth, and provide food and water bowls for each animal in a designated corner.

5. Bring plenty of food and water. Depending on how far you are driving or flying, have the appropriate amount of supplies for your animals so that they don’t get hungry along the way. Just like humans, your furry friends are going to need to take some time for themselves along the ride. Be prepared by bringing a litter box for your cat, and making frequent stops for your dog.

6. Most importantly, be sure to give your animals the upmost attention throughout the move and more importantly when they get to their new home. Most animals will be very reluctant to enter new territory, so be sure to help accustom them with new areas right away when you arrive.

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