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Use these tips to create an appealing and Eco-friendly garden escape.

Switch Garden Tools & Equipment

Since your garden will need constant care and attention in order to grow large and healthy, it’s important to take into account what you use when taking care of it. Switching from gas powered lawn movers and equipment to electric powered tools is a great first step in going environmentally friendly.

Reuse Recyclables

Use what you recycle right in your backyard. Not only will it help you save money by not having to buy pots and garden boxes, but it will also help you to stay green and Eco-friendly. Recycle all kinds of different packaging in your garden. Use eggshells for seedlings and then switch to using your recycled plastic or wooden containers and bottles as the plants grow larger.

Set Up A Compost Bin
Speaking of recyclables, everything from vegetable peelings and garden waste to cracked eggshells and hay can be thrown into one big container and used in your garden as compost. Setting up a compost bin is an easy, natural way to create an Eco-friendly garden. It is also cheap and extremely efficient. Although the process may take some time to decompose into the soil, compost serves as a rich and nutritious ingredient for your garden soil to help grow bountiful and healthy plants.

Switch to Organic

Going Eco-friendly does not mean you have to settle for garden pests, diseases and weeds. There are natural products out there that are specific to they types of pests you are trying to control while still being green. Instead of chemical based fertilizers, add and mix nutrients such as bone meal, blood meal, fish emulsion, and cottonseed meal into the soil.

Water Conservation

Most plants require a lot of water in order to stay healthy. However, there are ways to water efficiently without wasting. A drip line is an efficient way to water because it specifically targets the roots of plants. Another clever way to conserve water is by recycling it. Set out barrels underneath rain gutters to capture water for reuse in your own garden.

Plant Choices

Choosing the right plants for your garden is an important step in transforming any backyard space into an Eco-friendly one. Consider incorporating plants that are drought tolerant or ones that do not need that much caring for. Succulents are a versatile alternative that requires not a lot of water, fertilizer and labor.

For some more ideas on how you can transform your garden into an Eco-friendly escape, check out our Pinterest Eco-Friendly Garden page. Find everything from landscaping ideas to planting alternatives and tips.


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