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There are many ways to dress up your bedroom that are inexpensive and creative! We have come up with some aspects of the bedroom that are easy to upgrade, cost effective, and stylish to show off.

Bed Creativity

A bedrooms main piece is usually the bed. So why not make it something worth looking at! An exposed boxspring can sometimes take away from an elegant setup. Of course, ruffles are one option you may consider, though they are tough to fit perfectly on each bed. For a cheap and stylish look, consider using something like this rectangular shaped drape instead. It is low-cost, can be easily taken off and washed, as well as used as something else such as a tablecloth or sheeting. Or, consider instead taking a f-itted sheet to go overtop and around your boxspring. For a streamlined look, match the boxspring sheeting with your bed set sheeting. Your new bed skirt is now multipurposed and is easily exchangeable for any taste or preference!

For a Never Bunched Duvet Cover…

…here’s a simple remedy that is quick and easy. Sew two strips of fabric to each inside corner of the cover.  Tie the sewn strips around the comforter and never have to worry about a bunching comforter ever again! This simple procedure will also make for an always clean and tidy look.

Mix and Match Headboards

Headboard options have the potential to be limitless and easy to set up for any occasion or mood. Hang a favorite quilt or blanket on the wall that acts as a headboard. Whenever you get tired of one look, replace it with a new one! For those times you are trying to impress, opt for a sophisticated look like this Moroccan style headboard. The simple color scheme with its delicate lined textures leave a touch of elegance to any eye. Or, if your taste craves rustic, search for an old refinished door to hang behind the bed. This will certainly add to your eco-friendly appeal! If you are looking for a more permanent design, opt for a light and easy alternative by picking out some wallpaper and setting it overtop your bed as a headboard would.

If you are looking to recreate your bedroom, remember to start with something small. In most rooms, it is all in the details that make a room come alive. For some more ideas and changes you can make, check out some of our favorite pieces and designs that we love on our Doma Pinterest Page.

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