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Kelly O’Brien

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Although a native of Southern California, Kelly has traveled extensively throughout North America (48 states and 5 Canadian provinces) and a variety of foreign countries (Australia, Ireland, Norway, Israel, Switzerland and France).

Kelly’s  LinkedIn profile outlines most of his recent professional experiences [ ].

Not mentioned among his recent career accomplishments are his years working in the Aerospace, IT and Manufacturing industries.

The single-family home market is somewhat of a ‘downsizing’ experience for Kelly when compared with over 20-years in the Multi-Family housing industry (100-units to over 700-units) dealing with the acquisition, renovation, repositioning and transfer of properties. His business responsibilities have required him to successfully work with real estate principals, architects, contractors and city officials in California, Arizona and Washington.

His ‘hands-on’ familiarity with renovating domiciles is a unique feature that sets him apart from the majority of his real estate peers: This naturally sets up his real estate niche for seeing the upside potential of properties requiring a home “makeover”.

It is safe to say that Kelly is a ‘Generalist’ in the truest sense who brings a wealth of knowledge, experience and (most important to him) integrity to his DOMA clients.

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