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“White is not a mere absence of color, it is a shining and affirmative thing: as fierce as red, as definite as black.” –G.K. Chesterton, English Philosopher

I love white! Perhaps it’s because I grew up in Southern California, with the sun always shining brightly, reflecting off the walls, and illuminating the room. White rooms can be a great palette for light itself, and with the many different shades and tones of white, a room can take on a mood without bright color.

When choosing a white paint color, it’s important to remember that all whites, with the exception of the stark, clean white, have undertones. When you walk into a white room and feel a sense of warmth, it’s probably because the white has an undertone of yellow. If a white room feels calm and relaxing, the white used has a blue undertone. When looking at paint samples, fabrics, and furniture, ask yourself, is this warm or cool? This way, if you stick to one undertone, you can pick objects that are different shades of white and they will still look unified.

.The great thing about white spaces is that every piece of artwork, accessory—every choice, becomes important and meaningful. Trust me, this is not meant to stress you out. This is a blessing! It means that you will naturally accumulate less clutter in your house! Also, when objects and artwork are placed against white, your eye is drawn to them, making white spaces ideal for showcasing your favorite pieces.

Especially in white rooms, texture makes a big difference. Of course, play with using many different shades of white, but also be mindful of the subtle color and depth that textures such as glass, wood, metal, and fabric can bring to a space. More so than in colorful interiors, texture can change the feeling of a room. Wood can instantly warm up an interior, not only because of it’s color, but because its inherent organic nature suggests movement and growth. For a more romantic, shabby chic, or vintage feel, look for distressed glass mirrors, antique metal candlesticks, distressed wood furniture, and cable-knit blankets. With mixing old world pieces with more modern ones, use your instinct. For example, a beautiful antique mirror could look gorgeous resting on an entry table that has a more modern, smooth, sleek surface. And like I mentioned before, using the available natural light is key. Mirrors will reflect the early morning or lazy afternoon light, changing the color and surfaces around them, adding depth.

*Some of the most popular white paint colors for warm rooms are “Pointing” by Farrow and Ball, and “Moonlight White” or “Floral White” by Benjamin Moore

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