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Being one of the most bike friendly cities in the nation, have you ever wondered just how long it takes to bike from one side of the Long Beach shore to the other? We sure have! That’s why we decided to ask around, and thanks to our friends at BikeLongBeach, we finally found out!

From the shores of Shoreline Village to Belmont Shore, the beach of Long Beach stretches approximately 4.5 miles!  We challenge each and every resident of Long Beach to go from one end to the other! There are designated bike lanes, pedestrian lanes, and a whole bunch of sand for all to enjoy. If you’re in for a real challenge after that, try biking the perimeter of the city! Long Beach city streets are safe and convenient to bike on. Plus, it would give you the chance to save on some gas and enjoy some Long Beach sunshine. For routes and bike paths throughout the city, check out this bikelongbeach map that has routes, access points and even places to park your bike.

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Some of the most prime real estate in Long Beach is right off the bike paths of the Long Beach shore. Check out some of the latest listings we posted on our last February Market Activity blog. We update them every week with the newest properties on the market.


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