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The best part of Long Beach is biking!

Long Beach happens to be one of the most bike friendly cities in the U.S. Due to the efforts of city leaders and advocates, Long Beach continues to secure grants for the building of infrastructure for bicyclists, and has tripled the number of people who bike and walk to work since 2012. There are over 120 miles of designated bike paths in Long Beach, many of which are for bike travel on roadways (4th street comes to mind…an east/west street, on it you can get from one side of the city to another). You can literally get a tour of the city using its bike paths, from Rose Park to Shoreline Village, and the Colorado Lagoon. For specifics on Long Beach’s numerous bike paths, click here.

In addition to bike paths, Long Beach hosts many bike boulevards, or wide streets that accommodate bicyclists and motorists in the same lane. These boulevards are marked with “sharrows” or white signs on the street itself, with the image of a bicycle and upward arrows. 2nd Street in Belmont Shore is a great example of a bike boulevard, and also an ideal place to ride your bike since the shopping is plentiful and the vehicle parking sparse.  For more about the bike lanes and boulevards that are ‘in the works’ click here.

1. Here’s an adorable animation outlining cycling safety, and the rules of the road: watch me!

2. And don’t forget to register your bike! Here’s how you do it: read me!

Despite not being a street biker myself (I prefer to lazily cycle along the beach and around my neighborhood on my cruiser), I must say that the bike culture in Long Beach is palpable. One night, while on my way to a friend’s house, about thirty street bicyclists whizzed past, whooping in jubilation, on a ‘night ride’. If you’ve ever experienced this firsthand, you know it’s just about as exciting as having a flock of those Long Beach parrots swoop by, however, the difference is that you can join this human ‘flock’ the next time they ride! Here’s a good resource for cycling happenings in Long Beach. 

Hey! This is cool!

Bike Saturdays program: ride your bike to shops and eateries with the “bike LB” window decal and receive discounts and offers. To see participating businesses, visit  this site. 

Look! It’s the Cyclone Coasters>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Here are a few bike shops in Long Beach to get you started! I’ve chosen these shops based on their glowing customer reviews on yelp. Hit up these design savvy independent shops that both boast superb customer service and lovely, uber knowledgeable owners!

The Bicycle Stand

1824 E Broadway

Long Beach, Ca 90802

Tue-Sun 10 am-6 pm

(562) 279-4936

Owners: Nicole and Evan

Best for: Refurbished vintage road bikes, new city and commuter bikes, bike accessories, full repair and restoration services, customers can’t say enough good things about the kind and helpful owners and their wealth of knowledge

West River Cycles

1233 E 4th St

Long Beach Ca 90802

Tue-Sat 11am-7pm

(562) 590-4809

Owners: Julius and Kristen

Best for: Sales, repair and maintenance of high end road bikes, but will service and repair any type: single speed, track bike, cruiser bike. Carries hard to find brands (think Italian!), they pride themselves on the best mechanical service and products

Happy riding!!!  For more on biking Long Beach, check out our Pinterest page!

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