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Best of Long Beach

Lord Windsor Roasters

Enjoying our Independent Coffee Shops

The best part of Long Beach is enjoying our independent coffee shops! There are a multitude to choose from, all with their unique vibe, so you’ll be  sure and find one that matches your taste (pun intended). Located all over Long Beach, each shop is a reflection of the community they’re in, whether through the […]

Biking Through Long Beach

The best part of Long Beach is biking! Long Beach happens to be one of the most bike friendly cities in the U.S. Due to the efforts of city leaders and advocates, Long Beach continues to secure grants for the building of infrastructure for bicyclists, and has tripled the number of people who bike and […]

Hitting Golf Balls at the Golf Course

The best part about living in Long Beach is hitting golf balls at one of our local golf courses!Are you an avid golfer, perhaps a fanatic, or maybe you are like me and just like to tee-it-up once in a blue moon…? Well did you know that as a Long Beach resident you can purchase a Long […]

El Dorado Nature Center

Meandering through El Dorado Nature Center

The best part about living in Long Beach is meandering through El Dorado Nature Center.A natural haven in the middle of the city, nestled between the San Gabriel River and the 605 Freeway, El Dorado Nature Center is an oasis of natural habitat. They have a beautiful mission statement that encompasses the natural world and […]

Long Beach Skinny House

Holding a Guinness World Record: Skinniest Home

The best part about living in Long Beach is holding the Guinness World Record for the Skinniest Home!Cited by both the Guinness Book of World Records and Ripley’s Believe It or Not, the skinniest house in America is right here in Long Beach!  Pretty crazy!  It’s located close to the corner of 7th Street off […]

Escaping to Catalina Island

The best part about living in Long Beach is escaping to Catalina Island!Need a vacation but don’t have the time or the money to book air travel?  Santa Catalina Island is the perfect escape, a mini vacation without the travel time or the cost! Just 22 miles across the sea, and a one-hour boat ride!  If you don’t have […]

Mother's Beach

Swimming at Horny Corner & Mother's Beach!

The best part about living in Long Beach is swimming at Horny Corner & Mother’s Beach!BAYSHORE BEACH AKA HORNY CORNER: Bayshore Beach also known as Horney Corner is a little more appropriate for the grownups! The beach strand runs along Bayshore Avenue in the Belmont Shore neighborhood. On an average summer day there may be […]

Queen Mary

Exploring the Queen Mary

The best part about living in Long Beach is exploring the Queen Mary!A BIT OF HISTORY: For those of us who live in Long Beach, I think we sometimes forget how much history lies in our own backyard.  The Queen Mary, once known as the grandest ocean liner in the world, carried some of the […]

Gondola Gateway

Gondola Rides at Sunset!

The best part about living in Long Beach is Gondola rides at sunset!Started in 1981 as a one-boat operation, the Gondola Gateway in Naples is now a thriving business attracting tourists and locals alike.  Roughly an hour long cruise through the canals of Naples Island, they set the perfect mood for romance or an elegant pizza […]

Japanese Garden View

Rejuvenate in Earl Burns Miller Japanese Garden

The best parts about living in Long Beach is rejuvenating in Earl Burns Miller Japanese Gardens!A quiet haven amongst the city of Long Beach located on the campus of CSULB, it is an enclosed garden of 1.3 acres of bridges, hills, ponds, an array of different trees, and flowers of all species from iris and azaleas in the […]

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