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Homeowners DIY | How to Go "Green" at Home

When it comes to the environment, being a good global citizen starts at your doorstep. From recycling to using alternative cleaning materials, minor changes at home can add up to real benefits for the planet, not to mention your own health and happiness.It may be a cliché, but the best way to be Earth-friendly is […]

Homeowners DIY | Make Your Own Abstract Art

You’ve seen the design blogs, all featuring rooms with carefully chosen art, furniture and materials, all of which blend effortlessly into something beyond chic, something downright elegant. The owners will usually admit to spending years collecting their favorite pieces, the art of designing and decorating their home becoming a life-long passion. And in no way […]

Homeowners DIY | Old Windows – Repair or Replace?

If you own an older home, there’s a good chance you’ve debated whether or not to get new windows. Perhaps they’re inefficient, or inoperable, or rotting. Maybe they’re all three. Either way, you know you need to do something. Problem is figuring out the better of two possible solutions: to repair or replace.When it makes […]

Long Beach Real Estate | Photography Tips For Home Sellers

Looking to sell your home fast? Well, we said it here first: the pictures are important! According to the National Association of Realtors, 9 out of 10 home buyers start their search online. Besides the property description, photos of the property are a seller’s main form of advertising. Photos can speak volumes, especially when posted […]

Homeowners DIY | Refinishing Hardwood Floors

We know this post is about refinishing your hardwood floors–but WAIT! Before you go for the complete overhaul, assess whether you can simply scuff-sand the scratches out of them and apply a fresh coat of finish. First try a water test. If water drops form beads on the floor that’s a good sign. If they […]

In the Details

Homeowners DIY | "In the details" Edition

What makes a house a home? It’s in the details…that art collection hanging above your desk, the bottles you repurposed, the ceramic bud vases you collect, metal hardware, patterned wallpaper…we could go on and on. The ‘details’ are a reflection of your interests and taste, your adventures and experiments. Details are what inspire us to […]

Homeowners DIY | How to Distress Furniture

You’re shopping at the AMAZING Long Beach flea market and you see a piece of furniture that HAS to be yours. It has a beautiful distressed look. In other words, the paint is chipped or peeling where hands might’ve worn it down, making it look like an object from generations past and revealing another muted […]

Homeowners DIY | Build Your Own Dining Room Table

Build my own dining room table?!Yes! Don’t be intimidated by this project, but rather inspired by the end result! Although this sounds like a big undertaking, know that even a beginner can follow this DIY. The exciting part is that YOU get to be the creative director, choosing the type of wood, dimensions, stain (or […]

Homeowners DIY | 5 Tips for Decluttering Your Home Office

photo by Pata Pri of Flickr1. Display things out in the open, on floating shelves. By doing this, you’ll know that every object has a home, and you’ll be kept from acquiring too much stuff because: 1.You’ll have to look at it everyday, and 2.There’s only so much space on a shelf.2. Use dividers in […]

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