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Homeowners DIY | 5 Tips for Decluttering Your Home Office

photo by Pata Pri of Flickr1. Display things out in the open, on floating shelves. By doing this, you’ll know that every object has a home, and you’ll be kept from acquiring too much stuff because: 1.You’ll have to look at it everyday, and 2.There’s only so much space on a shelf.2. Use dividers in […]

Homeowners DIY | Lawn-to-Garden Turf Replacement Program

Did you know that the City of Long Beach Water Department is helping homeowners replace their costly lawns with eco-friendly gardens? Through the Lawn-to-Garden Program you can receive up to $3000 to transform your front yard! Simply visit the site and apply. There are also numerous resources on the website, including an online landscaping class, […]

Homeowners DIY | Honeycomb Shelves

These DIY honeycomb shelves from A Beautiful Mess are a unique alternative to regular built in shelves or bookcases. Not only are they (relatively) easy to make, but they are great for staging a home, when you need that extra bit of visual interest. This project makes a three-comb shelf, but you can always add […]

All About White

“White is not a mere absence of color, it is a shining and affirmative thing: as fierce as red, as definite as black.” –G.K. Chesterton, English PhilosopherI love white! Perhaps it’s because I grew up in Southern California, with the sun always shining brightly, reflecting off the walls, and illuminating the room. White rooms can […]

Modern vs. Contemporary Design

Often I hear the descriptive terms modern and contemporary used interchangeably, but the definitions of each are actually very different. It may cause confusion when people define their style or search for furniture and or other household items.  So here’s the break down!Lets start with defining modern style in the context of interior decorating and […]

Crazy Exterior Paint

Crazy Exterior Paint

Are you thinking of repainting the exterior of your home and not quite sure what color to choose?  Well you may want to think again before you settle on a color.  As a homeowner you have an obligation to fit in with your surrounding neighbors.  I can definitely relate with that yearn to standout from […]

Pink Door

Improve Your Front Door

 A front door can say a lot about a person and their family…a simple change can go a long way and give your home a fresh new look while boosting your curb appeal!Does your front door look like this?  If it does, it might be time to consider a change! (photos:, are some great ways […]

5 Easy Ways To Spruce Up Your Outdoor Space

1.) Hang Up Hanging Plants: Easy to buy or make and easy to hang. A fresh way to liven up an outdoor space!2.) Add Some Color: Do you have an old piece of dingy outdoor furniture?  Spruce it up by painting it!  This is a simple way to make your space more inviting while adding […]

Perfect the Art of Home Color Blocking

Color blocking can be a powerful tool when it comes to decorating your home.Whether you are using colors to make a space stand out, or trying to blend everything together, understanding how different colors affect a room will help you change a space into your vision.Furniture Color Blocking: If you aren’t trying to make a […]

Turn Your Backyard Into An Edible Garden

Not only do backyards add to your homes appeal, they can also add to your daily fruits and veggies intake! So this summer, instead of buying all of your fruits and vegetables at the market, grow some of your own right in your backyard. To help you out, we’ve come up with some tips and […]

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