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Home Improvement

Landscaping Tips to Help Sell

Landscaping can make a huge difference when selling your home. The outside of your home and the landscaping are the first things that a buyer sees, so it is important to go the extra mile and make the best impression possible. As you prepare your home, be sure to consider these tips on how to […]

Fall Decoration Ideas For Every Home

Fall is one of my favorite seasons. I love the seasonal smells of peppermint and cinnamon brewing in café’s, the taste of hot chocolate and pumpkin, and the limitless kinds of soups to cook in the evenings. It’s the one and only season when leaves start to change into vibrant and bright beautiful reds, oranges, […]

Green Cleaning for the Holidays

With the holiday season close, preparing your home for the winter can seem daunting. But before you close your doors to the cold, take some time while the weather is nice to revisit your spring cleaning list in order to create that warm and welcoming home you first bought.Early fall is a great time to […]

Flea Market Décor

Flea market finds can be a smart, inexpensive way to add an interesting twist to your home decor. Here are some ideas we found at Better Homes & Gardens on how to incorporate  your favorite vintage treasures. If you find yourself inspired, make sure to check out the Long Beach Antique Market, where bargain hunters […]

5 Strategies for Decluttering a Small Space

Embrace Storage Containers: People often think, “My apartment or home is so small, I can’t fit a filing cabinet, bookshelves or a desk,” but if you don’t buy the appropriate storage products, things pile up quickly in a small space. In other words, embrace the fact that you have stuff and like to have certain […]

Small Closet Updates that Make a Big Difference

It’s easy to close the door to your closet and forget about what’s in there…until the next time you get changed or put on your coat. Here are a few simple ideas for upgrading your closets’ style and organization so that each look and rummage inside is enjoyable.Go uniform. The easiest way to make your […]

5 Tips to Make Your Small Kitchen Feel Big

From galley kitchens to small kitchenettes in efficiency units, the kitchen is one place that could typically use an upgrade in the form of space. Since remodeling can be expensive or out of your hands if you rent, try out these 5 tips to help use your space well, on a budget!We hope our tips […]

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