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Baja Splash Cultural Festival

Celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month with the Aquarium of the Pacific this weekend (9/29 + 9/30)! Included in the price of admission, guests of the Aquarium will experience a variety of cultural activities and performances.Witness ancient Aztec dance and cultural folk dances from Mexico, El Salvador, Guatemala, Panama, and beyond. Enjoy mariachi performances, interactive music from Central […]


Eco-Friendly Rebates

If you’ve been considering a home remodel, or perhaps just upgrading those old appliances, DOMA wants to remind you to check with your local utility companies to see what incentives they offer for your eco-conscious choices.A water-saving washing machine could qualify you for a $150 rebate from the Long Beach Water Department. They also offer […]


The Pedaler's Society of Long Beach

One of the great things about living in Long Beach is the fantastic selection of convenient and affordable public transportation. The most eco-friendly (and possibly the most fun) of these options is the bicycle taxi service provided by the Pedaler Society of Long Beach.We see them pedal by regularly at DOMA’s Second Street office and […]


The Parrots of Coastal Long Beach

Enticed to Long Beach by the ideal climate and community-oriented living, one non-native, but relatively new demographic in the area is our colony of conures.  Said to have escaped from a Pasadena shop back in the 1980s, these little parrots quickly moved to our coastal city and are here to stay.  Nesting atop the palms […]

A Bike Nation kiosk (Image via: Bike Nation)

2,500 Bicycles Coming to Long Beach

A privately-funded bike share program will be rolling out in Long Beach early next year, and will make 2,500 bicycles available at up to 250 kiosks around the city. The new bike share will be the result of The City of Long Beach teaming up with Bike Nation, and was approved Tuesday night by the […]


Supporting Local Business with LBCPP

Only in it’s 2nd year running, the Long Beach City Plus Pass has acquired quite a long list of merchants (over 180, in fact) willing to give card holders a discount on their goods and services. From dining and entertainment to everyday errands such as dry cleaning and pet grooming, card holders receive as much […]

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