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Long Beach Architecture

230 Pine-detail

The Masonic Lodge

Located on 230 Pine Avenue, the Masonic Lodge originally served as a meeting hall and private club. The building features both masonic iconography and Romanesque influences in its Renaissance Revival & Tudor Revival architectural style. The most notable features of the buildings’ architecture are three steeply pitched gables with tin molding, creating a symmetric appearance […]


The Walker Building

The Walker’s Department Store building, located at 401-423 Pine Ave., is a unique blend of Renaissance Revival and Art Deco architectural styles.  Built in 1929 and designed by the firm Meyer and Holler (the same architects who designed the Grauman Chinese and Egyptian theaters in Hollywood), it combined the tradition and stability of historicism with the […]


The Willmore Building

Architectural firm Fisher, Lake, and Traver, known for the infamous Roosevelt Hotel (Hollywood, 1927), designed The Willmore in 1924. This 11-story Italian Renaissance Revival building was originally owned and operated by the Stillwell Hotel Corporation of Los Angeles as a luxury apartment hotel. Initially named for its owner, the building was changed from Stillwell to […]

The Anderson House & Art Museum

The Craftsman Bungalow we know today as The Long Beach Museum of Art was built in 1912 by The Milwaukee Building Company to serve as a summer home to Elizabeth Milbank Anderson, a prominent philanthropist and public health advocate. In 1926, it was transformed into Long Beach’s first social, athletic and beach club, the Club […]

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