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Preventing against any hazards in the house is the first step in making any home safe to play in or walk around in. With these few tips, you will be able to create a safe, child friendly home that is safer for your kids.


We all have that one area or room in the house that holds some very dear possessions, whether it’s antiques, china, or a memorable gift. If you are keen on ensuring the safety of your precious items, make sure you close off doors that you don’t want your child going into. Or, place them in hard to reach areas where they are not easily reachable.

Kitchen and Cleaning Supplies

Just as you would with your prized possessions, the same goes for anything inedible you don’t want getting into the mouth of a young one. Rooms like the kitchen and bathroom have some of the most dangerous hazards, including sharp kitchen utensils and cleaning supplies. Safety locks and latches will do the trick for most of the stuff, but keeping them out of site is just as important.

Sharp Edges

Children are bound to run around the home and bump into everything in their way. To avoid injury, go around the house and wrap/cushion any sharp, protruding edges. We suggest looking for things such as cornered tables, countertops, or open drawers that aren’t as bump friendly.

Stairs, Windows and Swimming Pools

The three things that can be really scary for any parent or guardian. Safety gates, window screens, and a gated pool area will do magic for any household with these hazards. It’s as simple as setting them up right!


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