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Most people start their spring cleaning inside the house and forget about the outside! Give your home a thorough cleaning with these few cleaning tips and tools. You’ll be amazed at how bright and clean your home looks after you’re done!


This ever-so-handy tool will do wonders to any yard. If your looking to clean a deck, garage door, or any hard surface, a powerwasher is definitely something to invest in. It will make your yard look spotless by removing algae and built up dirt in the hardest to get to cracks and edges. You’ll be surprised how much gunk you end up getting and how white your garage door will look after your done!

Gutter Cleaning

Spring Cleaning also involves getting into that hard to reach rain gutter. This is probably one of the most forgotten chores when cleaning your homes exterior, but it is just as important as anything else. A regular cleaning will prevent buildup of leaves and dirt as well as potential rotting from rain and algae.

Giving Plants some Love

It’s not the easiest thing, but your plants need constant love attention. Maintaining greenery by trimming the good plants and pulling the bad weeds prove to be an ongoing battle. Nonetheless, this task will freshen up the look of any home and give your yard a clean and beautiful feel.

Yard Makeover

If you’re tired of the way your garden looks, consider giving your yard a new look. Repot your plants, add stonework, or create a new seating area. We have lots of ideas for you to check out online on our Pinterest Page under Outside Spaces that are fun and inspiring!

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