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Having an animal is a large responsibility that takes both planning and effort. By simply following these tips, you can create a hazard free zone that is safe for all of your family members, while feeling confident in letting your dog roam the house.

The Doggy Door

A dog door gives your dog the option to either stay in or out on its own. It can provide an easy way to section off unsafe areas that are otherwise unable to be unsupervised.


Unless you want garbage scattered all over your home, it’s a good idea to hide your trash receptacle in a cabinet or large drawer, or at least keep it tightly lidded. You can fight pet temptation to sniff around with baking soda to mask the odor.

While most foods are not hazardous, wrappers can be. Most pet owners know that chocolate and anti-freeze are harmful to pets, but many probably don’t know that grapes and raisins also can be deadly for dogs.

Hazardous Materials

Store cleaning supplies, detergent, bleach, paint, fertilizer, insect/rodent poisons, disinfectants, and other such hazardous chemicals away from the reach of the mischievous jaws of your furry canine.

Outdoors vs. Indoors

Just like humans need personal space, dogs do as well. If space is limited, make sure that you have provided enough activity for your dog inside while you are away. If accessible, having the option to let your dog roam your backyard can prove to be a relief when it comes to cleaning on the inside. The backyard should be an inviting, comfortable and fun space for your pet, especially if they enjoy exercise.

When it comes down to it, though, as long as you give your dog their own space, you won’t have to worry about them seeking refuge where they don’t belong. A cozy bed, water source, and safe toys will do the trick.  Remember that well-exercised pets are less likely to get into trouble, and more likely to rest well at night


Location, Location, Location!

DOMA understands that your dogs’ safety is just as important as your families. Allow your dog to feel just as comfortable with his surroundings as you are.  If you are looking for a new home or just looking for tips to help out, finding dog-friendly places to hang out at is important. We suggest keeping a look out for these dog-friendly amenities around town and on your checklist to visit.

-Veterinary clinic

-Doggy day care center


-Pet food store

-Local Dog Park

Did you know that Long Beach is full of dog-friendly spots to hang out around? Check out some of these cool homes and available listings in Long Beach that are close to canine amenities.

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