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Happy Valentines Day! If you are asking yourself what to do, we’ve come up with some ideas to help create that perfect date. Long Beach is filled with romance and entertainment if you know where to look!

First things first, if you have never been on a gondola ride through the canals in Naples, Valentines Day would be a perfect day to finally do so. Especially seeing as the weather is supposed to be sunny and beautiful, why not take advantage of such a romantic holiday by spending time outdoors this year.

Dinner and desert is always a classic and romantic option as well. Whether you are looking to go to an old favorite or try something new, there are thousands of restaurants to choose from in Long Beach. Just make sure to look into where you want to go ahead of time in case reservations need to be made. Wherever you decide, you will be sure to find some great two-person deals. If you plan on waiting until the weekend to enjoy your romantic getaway, consider doing dinner and a show!

Bonnie Raitt is performing a concert on Valentines Day at the Long Beach Convention & Entertainment Center that is sure to be amazing! Or, spend part of Valentines Day at The Laugh Factory, and watch a My Funny Valentine special. The Long Beach Museum of Art will also be celebrating the occasion with a special dinner and desert on their menu.

Let us know what you decide to do!

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