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If you have been around Long Beach for awhile, you may have noticed just how large Long Beach really is! There are so many neighborhood, so many areas, and so many things to do. Instead of talking about each and every neighborhood, we thought it might be more interesting to get a feel for the heart of the city itself.

Downtown Long Beach is made up of over 40,000 businesses, is full of shopping, dining, activities, and of course, the southern California beach. There is so much to do and we want to make sure that you get a chance to visit some of the more popular destinations in the area.

Along the Shoreline District just south of Ocean Blvd you could check out The Pike, the Convention Center and Sports Arena, or Shoreline Village at Rainbow Harbor.

If not for the entertainment, yet another reason to check out the city lies in its all its historic buildings.  We recommend taking a stroll down the streets to check out some of the places like the Villa Rivera, Farmers and Merchants Bank, or the infamous Queen Mary. All tell a story of just how great the city of Long Beach really is!

So if you’re just visiting, there is much to do in a couple days time, but if you are here to stay, stop by and ask the experts here at Doma! Our main office is located downtown on the corner of 4th and Pine Street. We would love to guide you through Long Beach city limits and beyond!

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