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The best part about living in Long Beach is exploring the Queen Mary!


For those of us who live in Long Beach, I think we sometimes forget how much history lies in our own backyard.  The Queen Mary, once known as the grandest ocean liner in the world, carried some of the richest and most famous people such as Winston Churchill, the Duke and Duchess of Windsor, and celebrities like Clark Gable, Bob Hope, Elizabeth Taylor, and Burt Lancaster.  This ocean liner was constructed in Scotland in 1930 and after her maiden voyage, she docked in New York in 1939.  As World War II started, the Queen Mary was transformed into a troopship, her beauty was camouflaged grey and her luxurious amenities stripped, she became known at that time as the “Grey Ghost.”  After WWII, the Queen Mary was retrofitted and returned to her original beauty, carrying civilians once again.  Her final cruise in December of 1967 landed her here in Long Beach, since then she has called this home!

(photos: Cruise Line History)


The Queen Mary is now a historical landmark attracting tourists from around the world.  As a full-service hotel and entertainment venue, this ship gives visitors a unique experience from dining at the award winning Sir Winston’s Restaurant, to enjoying a gourmet burger at the Promenade Cafe, to sipping cocktails at the Observation Bar.  For a thrilling night cap, schedule a Ghost Tour and learn about the haunted encounters!  Voted Top 10 Most Haunted Places in America by Time magazine!  Perhaps you’re not in to having the hair on your arms stand up… that’s fine, you can tour the Russian submarine known as the  Scorpion, stroll through the gift shops, or visit the Princess Diana Exhibit and see the beautiful collection of evening gowns, dresses, accessories and other precious heirlooms associated with the Royal Family.  Explore the Queen Mary, enjoy a cocktail while checking out the views, and embrace her rich history!

(photos: Queen Mary)


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