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Yes, Long Beach has it’s very own pyramid, and it’s blue! If you haven’t seen the stunning pyramid, head over to the north side of the California State University Long Beach campus to walk around it, or visit a 49er basketball or volleyball game to view it from the inside.What makes the pyramid especially unique is that it is one of only three true pyramid structures in the United States; the other two are the Pyramid Arena in Memphis and the Luxor Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas.

As you may have guessed, the pyramid houses CSULB’s physical education and athletics events, but it wasn’t always this way. The original gym was built in 1954 when the enrollment was around 5,000. When enrollment broke the 30,000 mark in the 1970’s, the university started plans for a new facility. The realization of the pyramid took twenty years, and was completed in 1994 by architects Hugh and Donald Gibbs. The color was achieved by using a cobalt-blue pleated steel roof over an area of 170,000 square feet. The exterior color of the structure makes it that much more impressive, and incredibly beautiful when viewed against the lighter blue of the sky.

For 22 million dollars CSULB ended up constructing a facility that now holds 7,000 spectators in a seating system that can be hydraulically raised to expose 39,000 square feet of beechwood flooring for three full-court and six half-court basketball areas and five volleyball areas.


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