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Located in the East Village Arts District in Downtown Long Beach, the Broadlind Hotel sits on the corner of, guess where— Broadway and Linden! The architecture team Piper & Kahrs designed the hotel in 1928, the same year that the Lafayette Hotel across the street and the Villa Riviera on Ocean were built (just in time, right before the Great Depression).

Broadlind Hotel

Built in the Italian Renaissance style with arches that reach from the ground to the top of the second floor, the Broadlind was constructed with thin red brick and cream terra cotta. The hotel once included twenty rooms and a manager’s unit and was said to attract mostly male clientele, many of whom were navel officers docked in Long Beach, who would rent the apartments short-term while in town. The penthouse has been converted into an open, loft-like apartment for today’s tenant.

Although the architecture of the Broadlind alludes to the Italian Renaissance with it’s arches, stone columns and braided concrete ornamentation, the building can also be seen as a mash-up of different American styles. For example, the architects used the same red brick seen on buildings in the Midwest. The wrought iron overhang with intricate metalwork that hangs over the entrance exudes classic New Orleans style. The large wood beam doors can be seen as a nod to Spanish mission-style architecture in California. However, all of these elements work together gracefully, resulting in a unique and architecturally interesting building in the middle of a Southern California beach town.

Despite its popularity for a while after it’s construction, the building actually sat vacant for years before being recently turned into 17 apartment units and retail spaces on the first and second floors. Today you can enjoy the view from those large arched windows on the second floor, compliments of the Greenhouse Cafe. On one side of the Cafe sits Revive Juice bar, and on the other side Morrocan Mediterranean restaurant Asha. Luckily the original hand painted sign advertising the hotel is still stenciled in tall letters on the side of the building, showing its history and adding to the wonderful ambiance of the East Village Arts District.

View from the Broadlind

View from the Broadlind – Lafayette Complex

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