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Some home sellers waste 6 months (or more) and can’t understand why their home isn’t selling. At that point they are often forced to accept a lower sales price because they have run out of time and must sell.

To avoid that problem, make sure you aren’t making any of these common home marketing mistakes.

Common Marketing Mistake #1: Making mistakes with the advertisement promoting your home. Your ad online or in the newspaper is the first place a potential buyer is going to see your home for sale.

Most buyers look at all the available homes on the market before they buy one. Sometimes ten, twenty, thirty, and sometimes even a hundred homes fit their criteria.

They will sort thru all of the available homes and sort out the ones they want to view. If your home isn’t on the list to view, then you just missed a potential buyer.

Here are a few reasons that homes get skipped over in their search. 

Reason #1: The main picture of the house is ugly or unattractive. The buyers are usually scanning thru lots of listings and don’t have time to look at all the pictures. If the main picture is unattractive, then they will pass on looking at the home.

Reason #2: The ad for the property doesn’t catch their interest. This usually happens because you did not put your best foot forward.

Here is an example of this. Buyers looking for a pool home are willing to pay $20,000 to $50,000 more. Other buyers will not even consider a home with a pool, even if they love everything else.

That is why a pool home should be marketed loud and clear as a “pool home.” Make a list of all your home’s features and then rate them according to their desirability. Put the most desirable features in the begining of your ad and talk about the other features later on.

Common Marketing Mistake #2: Not promoting unique properties to buyers looking for unique properties. Unique properties usually have a “love it” or “hate it” aspect to them. A great example covered above is pool homes.

Another good example is a home that backs up to a power line. A power line is a huge negative for most buyers. But, it is a big plus to other buyers. I heard a story about a home that backed up to power lines. The sellers had a hard time selling it.

They finally hired an agent that knew a certain home buyer would like it. The perfect buyer for that home is a family that loves ATVS.

They could ride their ATVs on the power line easement. Most roads and neighborhoods are unfriendly to ATV riders. The power line gave them miles of trails to ride without being harassed.

If you have a unique home, then you need to market it properly. More than likely, your home’s unique features need to be proclaimed loud and clear. In a few other cases, they don’t. It all depends on the situation. Use your common sense when writing your ad.

Common Marketing Mistake #3: Your home doesn’t show well. I have seen a lot of crazy stuff in my years in real estate. If you want to sell your home, then it needs to show well.

Here are a few tips. 

1. Open the blinds and curtains. Bring in as much outside light as possible. Most showings happen during the day, whether during the week or on the weekend. Turn on as many lights as possible. Buyers want to buy an open and bright home. They don’t want a “cave.”

Sure, there is a very good chance that they will turn the home into a “cave” after they buy it. They will have the blinds closed most of the time and install curtains that don’t let any natural light into the house.

But, that doesn’t mean they want to buy a “cave.” Yes, I know it’s crazy. I guess it’s just human nature at work.

2. Your home should be clean, tidy, and well groomed. Fix anything that doesn’t look right. If your sidewalk is gray and dirty, then pressure wash it off. Put new mulch in the front beds.

3. If you have a good sense for decorating, then decorate! If you don’t have a good decorating eye, then find someone who does. Make your decorating neutral enough that most people will like it. If you have an empty room, then rent some furniture and put it in there.

Buyers have a hard time imagining if their furniture will fit in a room. They usually think that they need more room than they actually do. If they can see furniture already there, then it helps bridge that gap. They can see for themselves that their furniture will fit.

4. Get the carpets cleaned. Freshly cleaned carpet makes a big difference in how a home shows. If your carpet is old and you can’t afford to replace it, then hire a good steam cleaner.

Ask someone who manages an apartment complex for a referral. Most apartment complexes know a carpet cleaner that can get the so called “impossible stains” out of carpet.

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