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At last, you reap the rewards of all of your marketing work.  People begin to call and ask questions about your property.  Now, you need to answer their questions honestly while also getting a feel for whether they’re just browsing or if they are seriously interested in buying.

When it feels right, invite them to come by and take a look. When a seller chooses to go with a real estate agent, they are typically given 24 hour notice when someone wants to come and look at their home.

You have more leeway with scheduling showings than an agent does. But, there are a couple of things to consider before penciling in a showing three days from now.

Have you ever heard the saying, “Get it while the getting is good?”  Your callers may be totally interested in looking at your house today, but in three days’ time, they could very well have been tempted by another property.

You also shouldn’t be surprised in the least to find that you’re sitting in your living room speaking with a prospective buyer who turns out to be sitting in your driveway.

Once you ask if he’d like to come by and look, you are going to have a hard time explaining that he needs to wait until another day.  I mean, he’s right outside.

As such, keep your house in top-notch shape so that interested folks can come by at any time without you suffering from extreme embarrassment or jeopardizing a sale.

In the event that you are welcoming buyer’s agents to show your home, you will likely want to invest in a lockbox.  This will allow you to leave the premises while the agents are showing your home, and give them a secure way to enter.

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