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Warm summer nights full of beaches, barbeques and movie nights is finally here! This summer, watch a movie in style with friends, family or your special someone. We’ve put together some spaces that might just inspire you to mix up your movie experience and include some of these cool home theater styles and ideas.

 Outdoor Home Theater

outdoor home theaterTransform the traditional idea of a home theatre and bring it outdoors. Any backyard will suffice for this home theatre look. With some seating, a projector and a warm dark sky, this home theatre experience is a creative way to mix things up for a party, a large gathering entertainment activity, or just an excuse to spend time outdoors on a warm summer night.

Traditional Take on Modern Style

refurbished palette home theaterTake a modern idea and size it down to help fit your own personal budget. This home theatre is both stylish and inexpensive. Using a refurbished palette is a great way to save while creating a comfy seating area. Just add some cushions and pillows and your home theatre space is complete!

 Home Comfort

comfy movie roomKeep your dinner and movie date night at home this summer! Home theatre rooms don’t have to be elaborate or even big rooms with expensive gear. This fantastic space requires simply a movie, some chairs and comfy blanket.

 Create A Space With Your Own Style

desk home movie roomYour home movie night is wherever you want it to be. This desk setup is a perfect example of this! Whether it’s sitting at your computer desk, or on your phone, a home theater can be as big or as small you want it to be. Change things up every now and then and have a movie night that involves minimal setup and clean up!


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