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1. Display things out in the open, on floating shelves. By doing this, you’ll know that every object has a home, and you’ll be kept from acquiring too much stuff because:

1.You’ll have to look at it everyday, and

2.There’s only so much space on a shelf.

2. Use dividers in drawers. Separating items will help you find them faster, keep more organized (it’s easy to throw a rubber band in with other rubber bands), and allow you to keep the desk completely clear.

To buy: Bamboo drawer organizer boxes, $25 for five assorted sizes,

To buy: Rubbermaid interlocking plastic drawer organizers, $2 to $3.50 each,

3. Consider using a rolling cart for holding paperwork, your wireless printer, pencils and pens. When you need the extra space, simply roll the cart out of the way.

4. Here’s a neat idea: use a folding screen as a bulletin board and room divider! Or make an inspiration board out of cork board and some fabric you like by wrapping the board in the fabric and using a staple gun to attach fabric on the backside. If you don’t have a place to put a board, or prefer to see the open wall, use a wire or string to hang photos and notes from. Either way, getting the plethora of notes, magazine clippings and photos off the desk space will be essential to your productivity!

To buy: DEKA curtain wire with attached clips, $6.99,

5. Matching storage boxes in neutral tones will help calm you down. In fact, using soothing colors throughout your office will help create a peaceful place for you to think. It seems too obvious, right? Just try it. We dare you.

 photos by,,,,,,,,, and Yvonne Molina of Flickr)

Have fun re-organizing your office for the new year! The key is to create an environment that works for you, where it’s easy to store and find things when you need to, and that inspires you to keep working on ideas you find interesting. Remember, having a clean and pleasant place to think will help you achieve your goals! 

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