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Did you know that the City of Long Beach Water Department is helping homeowners replace their costly lawns with eco-friendly gardens? Through the Lawn-to-Garden Program you can receive up to $3000 to transform your front yard! Simply visit the site and apply. There are also numerous resources on the website, including an online landscaping class, a ‘selecting the right plants’ section, free landscape designs, and the locations of nearby nurseries to help you get started!

It is common knowledge that we live in a semi-arid climate, which is not ideal for growing the green grass we see in most front and backyards. To sustain the type of landscaping we’ve imposed on the land, California has had to spend enormous amounts of energy pumping the majority of water from the Colorado River. And as of recently, our region’s water supply has been permanently reduced. Planting landscapes that are in harmony with our natural climate will help save precious water and energy. Long Beach is proud to say that over 800 homeowners have already done so with the Lawn-to-Garden Program.

Lawn-to-Garden Participants tell us the most important benefits of water-efficient landscapes:

  • Save water (in California)
  • Save on the water bill (at home)
  • Save energy (water related energy use in California consumes 20% of the state’s electricity)
  • Improve city’s water reliability
  • Reduce time and money needed to maintain lawns
  • Reduce urban runoff into the Long Beach costal marine habitat
  • Create habitat for wildlife (bees, hummingbirds, butterflies)

Again, it’s as easy as visiting to start transforming your yard! (All photos courtesy of

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