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Landscaping can make a huge difference when selling your home. The outside of your home and the landscaping are the first things that a buyer sees, so it is important to go the extra mile and make the best impression possible. As you prepare your home, be sure to consider these tips on how to show off the house and create a stylish, dramatic and visual impact!

Prep Your Lawn
Buyers want to know that the house has been taken care of. The easiest way to do this is to maintain the grass. Making sure that weeds are cut and the grass is trimmed and green is the first step in making any home ready to sell. It’s a quick and inexpensive task that can give your entire yard a clean and fresh makeover.

Trim, Clean, and Organize
Lawns, bushes, trees, and branches are all things that can easily become overgrown and unfortunately obscure the nice aesthetic of any home. Make sure that everything is trimmed and orderly, and your home will look that much more appealing. When preparing for open houses, make sure whatever is being shown is clean and organized. No one wants to imagine their home as being cluttered. So before you begin showing, make sure everything is cleaned up outside and put in storage areas if possible. If given the time and the resources, you may also consider repaving your driveway or any walkways where the pavement is cracked or uneven.

Add Some Home Appeal
Liven up the entry way and surrounding edges of the home by adding shrubbery, hanging decor or potted arrangements and plants. Little things like adding these decorative edgings, reshaping any garden beds, or carefully locating a piece of tasteful garden decor can help spruce up any basic home design. Even adding a comfortable area for people to gather will put a welcoming touch to the outside look.

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