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Whether you are looking to walk around, drive, or participate, there are plenty of amazing lights and festivities going on in Long Beach during the season. To make sure you get the most out of this holiday season, we wanted to give some suggestions as to where Long Beach has some of the most memorable holiday festivities taking place.

Daisy’s Christmas Village

Daisy Avenue has all of the holiday spirit to enjoy on one street. This would be one popular spot to enjoy a nice stroll through the neighborhood to look at lights and enjoy some holiday music.

The Lights of Naples

Naples Island has one of the most amazing light displays around town. The holiday themed homes go all out and create a spectacular light display along the bridges and through the island canals.

A Touch of Season

If your familiar with the area, you may notice how every year around this time, Long Beach sets up floating lights in the shape of Christmas trees throughout the bay waters. If you are looking for a less crowded light show, we recommend taking a stroll along the waterside to experience just a touch of the seasonal elegance.

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