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All of those city improvement projects are paying off! Long Beach was recently named one of ten most walkable cities in the U.S. according to Walk Score, a Redfin-owned company that rates a city’s walkability on its resident’s ability to walk for their daily needs, exercise, and entertainment.

Long Beach earned a score of 69 (out of 100) which placed tenth on the list, however, our city had the largest yearly increase of all ten cities, up 3.2 points, which is a great indicator of the direction we’re heading.

“Recognizing Long Beach as the most walkable city in Southern California, and one of the most walkable in the entire country, is a testament to the hard work we’ve been doing to improve and expand pedestrian infrastructure and support safe and convienent travel for everyone,” said Long Beach Mayor Robert Garcia. “We intend to continue making Long Beach a great place to live, work and visit.”

Long Beach is the first Southern Californian city to make the top 10 list in three years. This is something to be extremely proud of since Southern California is notorious for its traffic and lack of convenience. Making the Walk Score list means that Long Beach is a Southern Californian city where residents enjoy a better quality of life because less time is spent driving, and more time is spent walking within the community.

Rank   City                             Walk Score   Change From 2015

  1. New York, NY                  88.9                        +1.3
  2. San Francisco, CA           85.7                        +1.7
  3. Boston, MA                      80.1                        +1.2
  4. Philadelphia, PA             78.3                         +1.7
  5. Miami, FL                         78.2                        +2.6
  6. Chicago, IL                       77.5                        +2.7
  7. Washington, D.C.            77.0                        +2.9
  8. Seattle, WA                       72.9                        +2.1
  9. Oakland, CA                     71.5                        +3.0
  10. Long Beach, CA               69.0                        +3.2

Neighborhood Snapshot: Where to Walk

Belmont Shore: Located on the southeast side of Long Beach and close to the shore, like the name suggests. 2nd Street is the main street that runs through the community and offers a plethora of shops, restaurants, coffee houses, and bars. The surrounding neighborhood is quaint, the homes varying in architectural styles, from Spanish Revival to Cape Cod. Made up mostly of one-way streets, this is a great place to ride a beach cruiser or saunter around and admire the homes. The community borders Bayshore Beach to the east, which faces the canal, and the main beach to the south, which features built-in volleyball nets.

Bluff Heights: West of Redondo Ave and the most central southern Long Beach beach community (in between Belmont Heights and Alamitos Beach). 4th Street is the most frequented block. Any day of the week people are walking to Hole Mole, Kafe Neo, Rose Park Roasters, Portfolio, Lola’s, The Art Theater, and the many vintage furniture and clothing shops. The neighborhood is a mixture of apartments and single-family homes, with a great collection of historical homes – Craftsman and Spanish. Plan on walking to the grocery store on 4th and Orizaba – trust us, the parking lot is full.

Alamitos Beach: Almost to downtown – bordered on one side by Cherry Park and Alamitos Blvd on the other. The one-way streets packed tightly with historic apartment buildings and palm trees make this a perfect place to walk or skate. Broadway Ave is the main thoroughfare. Broadway Donuts, The Last Café, Lord Windsor, The Falcon, and Stache Bar are some local favorites.

Downtown: Located on the southwest side of Long Beach, Downtown is home to The Pike, Shoreline Village, the aquarium, the convention center, the performing arts center, the East Village Arts District, The Promenade, and Pine Avenue. Highrises dot Ocean Blvd. Historic buildings that have been adapted for residential lofts can be seen on Pine Ave and Linden Ave. Downtown is easy to navigate when walking and much of it can be seen in a day. The East Village Arts District offers galleries as well as boutique shops and coffeehouses. A great selection of restaurants and bars can be found on Pine Ave and The Promenade (a pedestrian walkway from 1st to 3rd streets). Beachwood Brewery is nationally renown. Fingerprints Music is a must-see.

Bixby Knolls: A suburban area in between North Long Beach, California Heights, and Wrigley, known for its historic homes built between 1920 and 1940. Atlantic Ave is the main street where there are small shops, restaurants, the Long Beach Shakespeare Company, and the Historical Society of Long Beach.

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