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In our last Real Estate post we mentioned that there are many options for young home buyers in Long Beach. Although we are a Southern Californian city by the beach, it is possible to find good homes for under 200K. And this city is becoming more and more desirable for young people for a lot of reasons: walk/bike-ability, proximity to neighborhoods with art galleries, independent shops and restaurants, local bars, the beach, new and updated parks, community programs (ie. food trucks, Twilight Art Walk, First Fridays), not to mention the increasingly great academic programs at CSULB. However, just because young people are eager to move here doesn’t necessarily mean that their expectations are low. Young buyers know that they don’t have extra money for major renovations, so a move-in ready home is naturally more appealing. And here’s why it’s the smart choice to appeal to these buyer’s needs: millennials are the second-largest segment of home buyers, ranking behind only baby boomers, according to the National Association of Realtors. So here’s to not underestimating the power of a good upgrade! Here are five features that tend to entice millennials who are looking to buy…


An up-to-date kitchen and bath
Younger buyers often have limited funds for renovations, so it’s important that they have functional and inviting bathroom and kitchen spaces from the very start.

An open floor plan
Having a formal dining room isn’t of particular importance to millennials, in fact, many prefer open spaces with no separation between kitchen, living room, and dining room. An open concept makes it easier to entertain everyone at once.

An office
THIS IS HUGE. More and more jobs are offering work-from-home options, and there are also plenty of freelancers (bloggers, photographers, social media managers) and telecommuters among millennials. A dedicated space for getting some work done can be a key attraction.

Friendly location
With gas prices rising, many millennials prefer walking, biking, or public transit for their commutes. A great location is key. (Of course we realize you cannot ‘renovate’ your location, but we thought this feature was an important to include. When marketing your home, make sure to mention what amenities are nearby, how long it takes to get to point a, b, and c, etc.)

Energy savings
Millennials are often more conscious of energy conservation and efficiency. Energy-efficient appliances, energy-efficient windows, and quality insulation can make a huge difference. Don’t forget the potential in your front yard, either. Installing a super low-maintenance, drought resistant landscaping is very eco-consious and will save the home buyer a lot on their water bill.

(Information found on Breakthrough Broker. Photos courtesy of, elissa m via Pinterest,,

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