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Take out all of your memorabilia’s from storage and put them to good use! Whatever significance they hold, whether they are keepsakes, souvenirs or antique finds, use them to create personality and character throughout your home by following some of our design tips.

Empty, neutral colored walls are a perfect place to showcase your display. Find an area you want to fill with some color and start mapping out your display. Anything and everything can be added to a wall collection, from photos or artwork, cups & bowls, to pottery or craft-market finds.

Once you have established one of the walls in the room as the display wall and have gotten together what you want to put up, let your imagination run free. To keep it simple, try starting out small and building from there. Too many colors, textures and pieces can distract from whatever is being displayed. Play around with the design to see what works for your taste best.

Photo displays are a fun and easy way to showcase a part of yourself in your home. They are also simple to work with on a wall because of the clean, symmetrical lines that the frames inherently create. Mix and match colors and sizes of different frames with a variation of black & white photos and color photos. A photo display is all about you showcasing memories, so don’t be afraid to use the wall as a palette for your imagination.

Photos make for a traditional display, but nearly anything else can be used to create wall art on an area of your choice. Get together tucked away antique finds or take out that dusty chinaware stashed away in the cabinetry. Antique fairs and markets are also a great place to get small and inexpensive items to display in your home.

We suggest first mapping out your wall design on a table, particularly because various pottery doesn’t hold as definitive and flat of a shape as frames do. If you start to feel overwhelmed, try sorting by collection or color, or peruse through some of our collage inspiration. One of the great things about collected items is simply that you have so much shape to mix and match with. Don’t be afraid to work with a gallery of different shapes and sizes to create a collage you can be proud of.

When it comes to in home projects, hiring someone is easy, but doing it yourself is so much more rewarding! At DOMA Properties, we are constantly searching for convenient home remedies that create a more comfortable and stylish home for you. For more ideas in your home or on interior designs, visit us on Pinterest!

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