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Julie D’Angelo


1. How long have you worked with Doma Properties?

2 years

2. What do you love most about working in real estate?

What I love is that the work is never dull! Every transaction is a new adventure. I love getting to know new people and holding their hand through the process. Being given the opportunity to help someone accomplish their real estate goals is very rewarding.

3. What brought you to Long Beach?

I was born and raised in Long Beach and I love it here! My husband and I both went to Long Beach State, worked for local business before choosing our careers, and are active members in the community. What’s fun is that we often find ourselves running into people we know when we’re out and about. Long Beach is a big city that feels like a small town.

4. You have just the weekend to show an out-of-town guest the best of Long Beach, what would you do?

Of course, it would depend on the person and their interests. Being a food lover, I would have to take them to some of my favorite restaurants like Beechwood BBQ and Michael’s Pizza Downtown, or James Republic in the Arts District. I also really like Number 9 Noodle in the Retro Row area, which is one of my favorite places to spend time in Long Beach. Seeing that area blossom over the years has been awesome! Another important experience I would like my guest to have is riding bikes on the beach path below the bluffs. Our destination would be a stop in Belmont Shore for some shopping and drinks!

5. When you’re not at the office, what do you like to do?

My days off are mostly spent with my 2 year old daughter, Emmylou, and my husband. We try to have fun with friends and family as much as we can! If I had been asked this question 3 years ago I would have given you a much more exciting answer that involved entertaining, live music, hiking and traveling. I still love all of those things but do a lot less of them these days!

6. Tell us a fun fact about yourself that only your closest friends would know.

I’ve traveled by elephant in Cambodia.


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