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1. How long have you worked with Doma Properties?

Since 2007

2. What do you love most about working in real estate?

Both the people and the action. Most of all, I love the interaction with my clients and helping them achieve their goals. I really enjoy it (in fact, I may even be addicted to the feeling). Because of the volume of business I do with my team, we are able to achieve enough activity that it really creates momentum (which I also love).

I am also fortunate to work with such a great team. There are four other members of the Mike Dunfee Group here at DOMA and I love working with each one of them. Seeing them help our clients, grow our business, as well as blossom professionally is a real joy for me.

3. What brought you to Long Beach?

I first moved to Long Beach when I went to Cal State Long Beach right out of high school (back in 1984) and it has been home for me ever since. After living downtown for several years, I learned a bit of my own family history in relation to the area.  When my grandmother was 19 years old her first job was at the Sky Room and her and my grandfather lived in Belmont Shore when they first got married. What a coincidence!!

4. You have just the weekend to show an out-of-town guest the best of Long Beach, what would you do?

Naturally, it would depend on the guest but I typically like to take them on a bike ride around town and on the beach. I would also show them around the restaurants and bars in the downtown area, at the marina, and in Belmont Shore. Sometimes, I take guests to Los Angeles or the Orange county area, but often I find people seem to have a better time here in Long Beach.

5. When you’re not at the office, what do you like to do?

I run on the beach almost every day (and have trained for several marathons). I like to go out around town with my wife Shayla.  I enjoy golfing, but have not have the time lately. I am very involved with the downtown residential community and serve on several boards, which seemingly keeps me busy on my days off.

6. Tell us a fun fact about yourself that only your closest friends would know.

I am one of the owners of Cardio Barre, a ballet-based fitness business, located of 2nd and PCH.  I take classes there all the time and am one of the only guys who you will see there.


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