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As gifts go, it doesn’t get more classic than flowers. Their subtle colors and beautiful scent seem to convey the complex feelings of love and appreciation we have for their recipient. And if a combination of petals and leaves can translate feelings of love than why not give the gift of flowers on Mother’s Day?! Of course, once you’ve decided to buy Mom a beautiful bouquet then there’s deciding between the endless combinations of flora. This is where a great florist steps in. Here we’ve provided you with some of the best florists in town, all ready to bring your vision to life and create the best bouquet a mom could ask for (from the best kid a mom could ask for)!

1. Margaret Rose Floral Design

2. Primal Flower

  • 407 E 3rd St
    Long Beach, CA 9080
  • (562) 435-6979
  • Business website

3. Devynn’s Garden

  • 5305 E 2nd St
    Ste 100
    Long Beach, CA 9080
  • (562) 439-0308
  • Business website

4. Flowers on 7th

  • 3906 E 7th St
    Long Beach, CA 90804
  • (562) 433-1198
  • Business website

5. Cristina’s Flowers

6. Sweet Pea Florist

7. Pixie’s Petals

8. Piccolo Flowers

  • 3200 E Broadway
    Long Beach, CA 90803
  • (562) 434-1979
  • Business website

(All photos found on respective Yelp sites.) 


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