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Pallet Herb Garden

Start a garden in no time and on a small budget. Palettes naturally create the crevices and holes that are great for sectioning out plants or herbs. Plus, the even spacing is an added bonus that creates clean lines and an appealing façade when you are done.

2-in-1 Decor

Hanging palettes with plants

Pallet can be used for a wall decoration & garden showcase at the same time! Cover up a bland wall with a splash of color that is overflowing with lush and beautiful flowers. These pallets create a unique and eye catching design that is both appealing and useful!

Add Height to Your Bedroom

Palette boxspring

Not only do the openings provide natural storage and drawer space, but this creation proves to be a sturdy and cost effective alternative to box springs underneath your mattress.

Hang in Style

palette coat hanger

Don’t fight over coat space any more! This freshly painted and colorful pallet makes for an appealing space to hang your belongings on. The crevices and wood surfacing allow for an easy place to hang everything from hats to keys to scarves to apparel and more.

Porch Swing Furniture

palette porch swing furniture

Ditch your old porch swing and opt for this modern take on a refurbished pallet swing. With a couple of pillows or cushions, some rope and a place to hang it, you can transform a dull and unused exterior corner of the home into an inviting and comfy space to hang out in.

A little handy work can go a long way with pallets. Disassemble the pieces and you are left with wood that is full of opportunity. From headboards to desks to shelving units and seating, the possibilities will seem endless! Check out our DOMA Pinterest page for some more cool design ideas in your home.


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