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One of the great things about living in Long Beach is the fantastic selection of convenient and affordable public transportation. The most eco-friendly (and possibly the most fun) of these options is the bicycle taxi service provided by the Pedaler Society of Long Beach.

We see them pedal by regularly at DOMA’s Second Street office and have often wondered just how far their service does reach. Turns out they’re headquartered in Downtown Long Beach and serve a number of popular Long Beach destinations, including Belmont Shore, Retro Row, Bixby Knolls, Downtown & The Pike.

You can choose to hail a pedal-cab while you’re in town, or call their dispatch at 562.980.1861 to request a pick-up. They’ll take you as far as home or as close as your parking spot–perfect for those nights when shoes were chosen on style over comfort.

What a great idea for such a bike-friendly city as Long Beach!
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