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Color blocking can be a powerful tool when it comes to decorating your home.Whether you are using colors to make a space stand out, or trying to blend everything together, understanding how different colors affect a room will help you change a space into your vision.

Furniture Color Blocking:

If you aren’t trying to make a mess with painting walls, color blocking with furniture is the next best thing. Sport a color of your liking on just a couple pieces of furniture in the room of your choice (like the dresser and end table featured in the picture). This will create an easy pop of color in any dull room.

Neutral Pallets:

White is probably the most common color in any home, particularly because it is the most neutral. Any and all colors will blend well with or stand out against neutral colors. This is why we recommend you always try and include neutral toned pallets in the color scheme of your home. This strictly nuetral room stands out on its own without any help from other colors!

Black Versatility:

Unlike white, you may want to think twice before painting an entire room black. However, black purposes as a great color to work with! Consider using black to blend and tie a rooms color scheme together. Since it sits well with mostly all colors, it proves to be one of the easiest colors to work with. Try giving a darker toned room a splash of color to change the mood around.

For more ideas on how to color block your home, visit our Interiors that we Love on Pinterest.


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