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Everyone knows that there’s no better time than summertime in Southern California. But even with summer at an end, and fall quick to show its color, I have come to find that Long Beach is one city that takes advantage of every season, no matter what the weather.

There’s tons of life, culture and fun everywhere, and who doesn’t want a place to settle down that is both kid and pet friendly? For all those dog lovers out there like myself, Long Beach has tons of activities for the whole family.

I found the dog beach in Long Beach to be particularly welcoming and exciting, and it’s within walking distance of Belmont Shore, where shops and restaurants are known to be canine friendly! While you’re in the area, stop by DOMA properties to check out homes and living opportunities. We have two locations: one on 2nd street in Belmont Shore and one off of Pine Avenue in downtown Long Beach.

If your looking for your first place to live or your next new home, or even just a place to come visit, you won’t have to worry about leaving your pet at home. So scope out the city and stop by DOMA for local real estate information…dogs are welcome!

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