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Bathrooms are something the most overlooked room when it comes to renovation. If you are dealing with a small area, that doesn’t mean that it has to be cramped! At DOMA properties, we want your entire home to be a luxurious escape, no matter what size, shape or look. So if you are feeling tight on space, consider these four tips and tricks to help clear up space and create that ultimate bath getaway everyone deserves.


Keep things light and airy. Open up windows and add an extra lighting fixture above the mirror and sink. A skylight above will add tons of natural lighting to help eliminate dark corners and make the space feel much bigger.

Quick Update

Turn your bath area into the ultimate relaxation space by giving it a couple renovations. It will be surprising how changing out the old tile and putting in some new will drastically change the way the room looks. Also, swap out those old lighting fixtures for newer and brighter lights. You may even consider adding a dimmer switch to set the mood for ultimate relaxation!

Smart Storage

When you are tight on space, storage solutions will be key to keeping a small space looking large.  If you aren’t keen on a medicine cabinet, adding shelving in the right places around the sink and toilet can help keep things tidy while providing that extra space needed for organization and cleanliness.

Corner Care

Give those dark and unused corners some well-needed attention! Consider adding some cabinets or shelving units that are flush with the walls and host convenient compartments for towels, essentials, or anything of the like.


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