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Even with the smallest of spaces, anyone can turn an area into a lush and green garden. With the right amount of workspace and attitude, growing your own produce is easy and may even save you a couple of trips to the grocery store. So don’t give up on growing your favorite foods this season. Let the

real estate specialists here at Doma help you make some space to have that garden you’ve always wanted!

Outdoor Gardening

We talked a little while back about how to create an appealing home exterior with our

Landscaping Tips To Help Sell.  One of the tips we mentioned involved adding home appeal through plants.  Gardening, then, is an easy way to do this, and the benefits are much more abundant than simply having to buy expensive shrubbery. All you have to do is grab some pots and seeds and start planting! Not only will you be left with year round delicious snacks, but any arrangement can add a lot to the look of your home. Whether your set up is on your porch, yard or patio, crops will add natural curb appeal with their colors and life. Plus, you won’t ever have to worry about plants overheating or freezing in Long Beach weather, so the visual and tasty impression should surely be reason enough.

Window Boxes

For those of you that do not have access to a balcony, yard, or patio area, windows are a great next option.  It is fairly easy to build or buy a window box that fits right on the outside of your window. This way, the plants get the sunlight that they need throughout the day, and it is still convenient for you to open up the window to water whenever is necessary.  Window boxes are probably the lowest maintenance of all the options, particularly because you have access to all the plants in one big box. Plus, the mix of all the plants creates a pretty arrangement of color and liveliness that adds a very appealing décor.

Indoor Gardening

The city life of Long Beach can be fast paced, so we understand that some people are constantly moving, making it difficult to set up shop. This doesn’t mean that you have to sacrifice the gardening that you love. As long as plants have access to some sunlight and water, there is nothing more to it! Buy as many small pots that are easily movable, and grow whatever herbs or plants you want. There may not be as high of yield as plants in a larger pot and more stable atmosphere, but the act of gardening is still there and may be all you really need.

Check out our Outside Spaces page on Pinterest if you want some more ideas on how to get the most out of an outdoor area. Or, if you’re thinking about expanding your garden space, stop by Doma and we can help you find a piece of real estate in Long Beach that would fit your outdoor needs.

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