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Is staging your home for sale really that important?


Staging allows the buyer to SEE how they will live in the space, and can actually do most of the work for you. Remember, visuals shape the way we think about an environment. For example, when you see a photo of a beautifully decorated retreat in the Bahamas, complete with white linens and a hammock, you can automatically imagine how you will feel in that environment. Do you like what you see? Yes. Why? Because you like how it makes you FEEL. The theory behind staging a home is no different. Not only can buyers imagine how to use the square footage you’re selling, but they can imagine feeling cozy, content, peaceful, organized, inspired, etc. And you know as well as we do, that when we get a good feeling about something, it’s hard to let it go.

Here are the highlights from the following infographic by Column Five Media:

  • Staged homes sold twice as fast, and sellers received more than the asking price.
  • Your online photos will stand out. We are here to tell you: THIS IS IMPORTANT. There are hundreds of homes on the market in your city, but only a couple (yes, two or three!) that stand out because of beautiful staging and photography. We as realtors look for these few homes everyday, in hopes of showing the best to our clients.
  • Don’t underestimate the power of paint. Oh, and de-cluttering. If you have a limited budget, these two steps are a “must”.

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