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When you’re ready to put your home on the market, taking some time to prepare your house for showings will help you get the offers you’re looking for. In the real estate industry, this is called staging, and it’s an important step in the home selling process. We’ve asked our experienced agents at DOMA properties what advice they give homeowners looking to sell their home at top dollar. Here’s what our experts recommend:


Just because WE love your bright red kitchen, it is our signature color afterall, doesn’t mean it’ll go over well with potential buyers. You’re not going to please everyone, but you want to make sure your house appeals to broader tastes. Neutral doesn’t have to be beige or boring. Try soft grey or a muted green. Martha Stewart Living put together a fantastic article on neutral paint palettes if you are looking for ideas.


This might sound like an obvious statement, but really, take a weekend and give your home a good once over. Decide what you can live without and move it to storage. Clutter makes a room feel small and lacking in storage space–two things guaranteed to turn buyers off. Invest in some attractive storage bins and stick them in the bookshelves or under a coffee table. They’re perfect for quickly hiding a mess before a showing. Get in the habit of keeping the sink clear of dishes and taking the garbage out daily. Your home only gets one chance to make a first impression. Keeping the above in mind is sure to pay off.


You’ll often hear that kitchens and bathrooms sell the house. They can also do the opposite. A dingy bathroom could be a deal breaker to today’s discerning buyer.  In most cases, we’ve found a good scrub and some fresh towels and accents can really make a difference. Think white fluffy towels, glass apothecary jars with cotton balls or epsom salts, and fresh bars of scented soap. Add finishing touches such as candles, seashells, or stones, or check out these cheeky toothbrush holders. If you have a window, open it and let the natural light and breeze come in. Keep it fresh by having each family member pack their toiletries in portable baskets that can be stored out of sight in bedroom closets. Do the same with personal towels. Potential buyers will jump at the chance to call this spa-like retreat their own!


The aim is to attract as many buyers as possible to write offers. This means getting them to imagine your house is theirs. You don’t have to move out, but tucking away the mantel of family portraits will go a long way in making potential buyers feel at home. If all goes well, you’re going to be packing soon anyhow…why not start with your prized porcelain doll collection?

And of course, the most important step to getting your home sold at top dollar is hiring an experienced real estate professional. Our team at DOMA properties is always happy to answer your real estate questions.

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