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If you are getting ready to move out of your home into another, its important to take into consideration the moving process. To make moving go smoothly, here are some things that should be included during the planning stage.

Address Change

This is something that can be done in not a lot of time, but is extremely important!  but is also something you don’t want to have to worry about when you settle down in your new home. Important to get everything up to date prior to your move-in date which means notifying the bank, the post office, and any other important contacts.

Make a List

Preparing for the move is just as important as the actual move-out date. Coming up with a list that has everything you need to pack will save you some extra time when you get to your new home. If you are into organizing, this will be a simple task. If not, create a list going room by room first, putting down the big items first. When it comes to your move-out date, you may save some trouble knowing what big items you have that need to be packed first. If not for productivity, we suggest still making a master list for inventory purposes!


It always comes as a surprise how much stuff you really have. Start gathering boxes and containers early so that when it comes time to pack, you aren’t left having to go out and buy packing supplies. Grocery stores are a great place to go for free boxes. Also, consider using newspaper instead of packing paper. It can be just as durable when it comes to wrapping items and is much cheaper!

Hire A Helping Hand

Take the stress out of moving by seeking out some help. Family and friends are always a good go-to. However, hiring a professional moving company will not only eliminate the heavy lifting and tiresome work, it will also make the moving process go a lot quicker.  The downside—professional movers tend to be pretty expensive. So do your research early on to try and find the best pricing and deals out there without having to dig into your pocket too much!


Moving provides the perfect time to restore what you have to its perfect condition. Whether its rugs, bedding, shower curtains, or cushions, do some cleaning before your moving date to save you some time when you get in your new home. Plus, you don’t want any dirty, dusty fabrics in your new, clean home!

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