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Whether you are looking to sell and want to up the value of your home through renovation, or are just interested in creating that perfect kitchen, consider incorporating some of these latest trends in your renovation designs:

Pefecting Light:

Most people don’t know that when it comes to the kitchen and rooms in general, simply just adding a little bit more light can actually transform a space. Bright spaces tend to be much more appealing and inviting compared to their darker counterparts. Especially if the area is small, adding a couple of backlights will help to open the space and eliminate dark corners. Consider investing in some small backlights that reflect onto the countertops and run across your counter. Or, add some of your own style by choosing a hanging lamp or chandelier of your choose that drapes over the center of the entire kitchen.

Backsplash Lighting:

Though it may seem necessary to have to splurge on some new granite countertops in order to get the look you want, there are ways to turn your kitchen modern without having to spend a lot. Changing the backsplash is one way to do this. It can be much cheaper and less work. Plus, there are a variety of designs and colors to choose from in order to create that perfect setting you are looking for.

Smart Space:

Maximizing storage space can turn any size kitchen into a modern and more efficient and functional area. New storage trends incorporate structure, depth and clean organization capabilities. With the right touch, having a more modern approach to kitchen storage space not only allows for an easier cooking experience, but it also brings an instant and fresh look of openness to the space. For a more up-to-date touch, create a panel look by adding height to your cabinets and similar color handles or knobs over a fresh coat of paint.

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