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Not only do backyards add to your homes appeal, they can also add to your daily fruits and veggies intake! So this summer, instead of buying all of your fruits and vegetables at the market, grow some of your own right in your backyard. To help you out, we’ve come up with some tips and tricks that are both easy and creative for your own personal edible garden.


1. Space Saver

To save some space, consider growing your next harvest upwards instead of out. A vertical garden will allow you to plant more in a single garden bed. Plus, a vertical garden gives you the option to add some character with things such as wooden trellises, which can be both visually appealing and handy!


2.Easy Picking

Growing your vertical garden will do more than just save you some space. Another reason to harvest vertical is to make it easier to pick the actual fruit once ripe. Gardening can be a difficult and timely task when having to dig through dirt and leaves to try and find what is ripe and what is not. When fruits grow vertical, it is much more easier to both see and pick the fruit when they are ready.


3. Grid Sectioning

Convenient pathways around each of the beds make harvesting and gardening simple. It this is your first time building your garden, try mapping out a space on paper or on the ground before actually building the garden frames. This will not only make gardening a little easier knowing how much room you are going to have, but it will also help you visualize what the garden will look like before it is built.


4. Think Large

When it comes to an edible garden, you can never have to much. Whether you are growing indoors or out, spread your garden out as much as your home allows. This will allow your crops to get the most sunlight and ultimately the most amount of harvesting out of your crops.


5. Natural Growth

Don’t be afraid to let your plants take off in every which way and direction. When it comes to your crops, take advantage of the natural growth nature provides. Not only will that mean less taking care and time spent trimming, but it will also allow healthy growth. Of course, trimming never hurts and can also stop your garden from growing into a forest. However, giving your plants both the space and the time to grow naturally is one of the best and ‘easiest on you’ ways to have that prosperous and edible garden you’ve always

dreamed of.


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