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California’s dramatic decrease in rainfall and rising temperatures over the past few years have created a recipe for extreme drought. This is a huge problem, especially since 60% of the city’s drinking water is supplied by groundwater. According to the Long Beach Water Department, “Southern California must import about half of the water we need, using 20% of the state’s electricity to bring water to our city.” We’re sure you’ve seen the pictures of dried-up lakes and rivers which have helped motivate residents statewide to use less water. Because after all, we’re not only talking about a shortage of water to wash your car, but a shortage of drinking water.

The good news is that Long Beach has done exceptionally well (we’ve received a grade “A”) at reducing our water usage over the past year. California State Resources Control Board has calculated that in 2015 the water consumption rate decreased by 9.6% compared to 2014. This reduction saved Long Beach more than 159,993,051 gallons of water. The city has been innovative in it’s attempt to encourage residents to use less water, including offering rebates for the purchase of eco-friendly appliances and rainwater barrels. The Long Beach Water Department has started the award-winning Lawn-to-Garden Program, which offers a $2500 rebate for residents who replace their lawns with drought-resistant landscaping.

Ready to help Long Beach save even more water? These Top 10 Drought Tips can save 28,000 gallons of water per person per year. Just remembering to match the settings on your laundry machine to the size of the load can save up to 1300 gallons!

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