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A standard home inspection covers everything from the roofing of your home to the foundation. Whether you are selling your home or buying one, getting an inspection is an important and necessary step in the process. Here are 6 aspects to look out for that should be covered during a home inspection.


The structure of your home depends on the foundation. Cracks, leaks and visible deterioration are all things that should be checked and made sure of their stability.


Exterior elements cover everything attached to the home. Porches and railings need to be stable, and doors and windows should also be checked and noted for their condition. Roofing should be checked for broken shingles or other damages. Paint chipping, rotting of wood, termite presence and mold are also big things to look out for.


Like the exterior components, the interior dives into everything from walls to windows to the flooring in the house, making sure that everything is lined up and that there are no signs of cracks, rotting or mold. Rooms like the bathroom and kitchen will be checked to make sure that all the fixtures are secure and that there are no leaks or cracks.


Plumbing throughout the home is commonly checked by water pressure. An inadequate pressure usually signifies cracks in fixtures or leaking pipes. In other words, getting your plumbing inspected and fixed every now and then might just save you some money on your next water bill!

Air Ventilation & Insulation

Having the proper ventilation and insulation in a home will not just increase energy efficiency. It will also and more importantly provide clean air circulation throughout the home. Inspections will cover checking the heating system and air conditioning throughout to make sure that vents are clear and everything is working properly.


This is one aspect that can be easily overlooked during an inspection but is one of the most important! All outlets and wiring need to meet electrical safety requirements in order to keep in compliance with electrical codes. This simple inspection will also keep the home safe from fire hazards and electrical shocks.

At DOMA Properties, we want to make sure that the process of buying or selling your home goes smoothly. Ask one of our experienced agents if you are thinking about selling your home or buying a new home.

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